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About us

About us.

We’d like to tell you a bit about why we consider Harcourts such a vibrant brand, and why we believe working with Harcourts is so important.

Successfully buying and selling real estate is about fulfilling people’s needs, dreams and aspirations. That’s why Harcourts people not only receive in-depth professional training, but why they’re committed to building meaningful and genuine relationships with their clients. The huge volume of referrals and repeat business this generates is proof that the combination works to everyone’s benefit. A totally consultative approach is what makes our way of doing things so seamless. Trust, honesty and integrity remain the company’s personal hallmarks. Add to those attributes your individual knowledge of the local market and current property trends and we’ve got the perfect recipe for success. There’s a simple philosophy that Harcourts lives and breathes by: It’s all about people.

We are absolutely committed to providing exceptional personal service to our clients. The internal mission statement is ‘One Team. One Vision’. This is not something we pay lip service to. It is the Harcourts heart and soul, and it is fundamental to the positive attitude and success of our people.

Who are we?
Since 1888, Harcourts has been working to the forefront of the real estate industry to develop a fully integrated real estate franchising business model and system including online technology, training, marketing and communication.

Harcourts offers expertise in residential, commercial, rural and country living, business broking and property management. In the 2007 - 2008 financial year Harcourts exceeded a record $19.5 billion in sales.

With over 600 offices and 4,000 sales consultants throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, China, Zambia, South Africa and Indonesia, Harcourts has four key factors which have contributed greatly to its ongoing success: the strength of the Harcourts brand, superior business and information systems, proven marketing tools and strategies, and incredibly talented, skilled and committed people.

In Australasia Harcourts form joint venture with NAI Global to form new Commercial real estate company NAI Harcourts.

Our network

The Leading Real Estate Companies Of The WorldTM network is a veritable “who’s who” of the international residential real estate industry. It is the largest real estate network in the world consisting of over 5,500 offices and 160,000 sales associates negotiating property sales worth over US$400 billion per annum.

In 35 countries the Leading Real Estate Companies Of The WorldTM represents tens of thousands of the best real estate minds in thousands of offices. Via these offices and the network websites listing details are sent to thousands of potential buyers and sellers. The massive profile for property listings internationally is unparalleled, with potential buyers and sellers observing from Canada to the Cayman Islands, India to Italy.     

This network also contains the vaunted Luxury Portfolio Fine Property CollectionTM, the worldwide market leader for R3 million-plus luxury homes. With this collection the absolute elite from each market is exclusively available for you to access - be it for buying or selling. When buying or selling R3 million-plus homes only the best coverage and service is acceptable.

Harcourts can offer the resources to buy and sell real estate on a global level. This is a massive advantage we hold over our competitors. It’s the ability to offer a world of options, a world of skill and experience, a world of possibility.

 Brand and profile

Everything that is known about Harcourts is derived from the understood qualities of our service, each and every little intricacy, each and every benefit. It is unique to our particular way.

It is all of Harcourts.

Harcourts is at the forefront of brand development and management.

The importance of this statement can only be properly judged when weighed alongside a clear understanding of the meaning of branding. Quite simply... branding is everything.

It’s the big print, radio, television and internet campaigns. It’s also your individual profile within these larger campaigns. And that’s only the start. Branding is the colour of your office, the street signage and the property marketing. It’s the way you greet people, the way you talk on the telephone, the methods by which you manage the sale and purchase of real estate. It is the means by which you engage the public. We have established the brand guidelines to make the difference when it comes to this visibility and engagement. At individual, office, franchise and regional level we have a multitude of marketing tools available for use. Making the best connection with potential customers is an important tool for your success.    

Our brand is so important because of the power it can provide you to establish these connections. It has been carefully fostered and grown over the years.

As we scale our way to the heights of the 21st century, technology is bringing individuals and communities together with incredible new speed and efficiency. We are proud to be at the cutting edge of this technology.
Successful real estate business is based around establishing excellent personal and professional relationships. Strong paths of communication are a necessity.
With the Harcourts One product suite, we can provide better customer service, work more productively and sell more real estate in today’s highly competitive market.

H1 Property

Easy management of all your residential, commercial/business, rural/lifestyle and rental properties.  SMS, Google Maps, custom reporting and full integration with your contacts & e-Marketing tools, are just a few of the many benefits of this system

H1 E-marketer

With the powerful e-Marketer software, incredible levels of market awareness can be created. Select from pre-designed options, or tailor each communication to the individual and automate message delivery with this perfect online marketing tool.

H1 Reporting and resources

This is the most comprehensive online real estate system ever. This internal system offers advanced reporting on the daily running of your business and enables easier decision-making, as real-time financial and performance management information is available instantly. Harcourts One is your gateway to our world of systems, reporting, and resources.

H1 Reporting and resources

This is the most comprehensive online real estate system ever. This internal system offers advanced reporting on the daily running of your business and enables easier decision-making, as real-time financial and performance management information is available instantly. Harcourts One is your gateway to our world of systems, reporting, and resources.

H1 Mobile

The Mobile Agent software can access all the relevant information from the Harcourts One Property and Contact system wherever and whenever it is needed. Every piece of information that the client needs can be stored in a PDA and travel with the consultant.

Campaign Manager

Managing a property or personal marketing campaign is a complicated and labour-intensive task. With Campaign Manager, a complete online resource is available to coordinate and manage everything via one central point. It’s the one-stop solution – the ability to deliver quality campaigns to the market quickly and efficiently.

Office and Personal Websites

Our office and personal websites contain everything that’s needed: listings, individual profiles, contact details and much more. They are easy to manage and have high-speed commercial grade hosting, search engine promotion and dependable technical support.

 Events & recognition

On top of the obvious financial rewards are the personal achievements that Harcourts can offer. We’re not slow to recognise victory. After all, success breeds success.

Through regional, national and international award events, industry publications and an internal awards structure we make sure our people performing at the highest levels have the opportunity to shine.

Another fantastic opportunity to highlight both individual and company triumphs is the Harcourts Conference. This is the big 3 day event, combining networking opportunities and the awards black tie dinner. For recognising and celebrating the people who make up this great company this is the must-attend event of the year.

Other key opportunities to relive our victories take place during the Harcourts quarterly awards Power Rallies and awards breakfast held regionally. These occasions are key to the continued success of Harcourts. They ensure that our people not only recognise the skill and dedication required to rise to the top, but also the rewards that this work can bring.

The talent and dedication of our people rightly deserves an audience. Harcourts IS renowned not only for our ability to foster such success but also for effectively communicating and celebrating it.

You can work extremely hard to produce a strong brand but, without a high level of visibility, it can all be for nothing. To create top-of-mind awareness an across-the-board approach will solidify your presence within the mind of the consumer. At Harcourts we believe in producing the highest possible consumer awareness for our people.

With our dedicated communications department producing regular internal and external publications your profile can be raised to astronomical heights. As well as these publications we regularly pursue other media opportunities on behalf of all Harcourts franchises. This approach is another major difference between the others and us.

The academy

The Harcourts Academy provides a foundation of outstanding business skills to build a dynamic real estate career. It is  A real estate training facility  OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY offering a tailored system of learning, with each course designed to provide the skills and knowledge with which to triumph.

Even the best technology and individual brilliance can be worthless without the correct focus. We recruit the best people and train them to be even better. This helps our culture of high achievement thrive and significantly increases the faith and trust the public place in us. They know that, with every Harcourts consultant, they’re getting the best. The Harcourts academy has been created to ensure this happens. It is a unique training facility with a purpose built curriculum encompassing every facet of real estate.


This provides both new and experienced sales consultants with proven prospecting, listing, sales and self-management methods.  This comprehensive programme ensures our people operate ethically with a full understanding of our industry.


Empowering our high achievers to take their operations to new levels, the management programme includes applied topics such as leadership, coaching and training, marketing, systems, technology and business strategy.


We offer a number of specialist training programmes and workshops in key areas such as commercial and rural real estate, residential property management and systems to refine expert skills  for those operating within the industry’s  specialist field.

The Harcourts foundation

At Harcourts, we not only want to provide the most professional efficient service, but be caring members of the communities where we live, work and play.  That’s an important part of what it means to be Harcourts. 

In the business world around us, the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ is a global phenomenon. Consumers and employees scrutinise businesses they’re looking to buy from or build a career with to see how much they care and how genuinely committed they are to those in their communities who need a helping hand.


We’re proud to say that Harcourts has been a part of our communities since founder JB Harcourt opened the door to his first real estate office in Wellington, New Zealand in 1888. Over time, our offices and people have generously created a history of giving through sponsoring and supporting literally thousands of people in need.

 The Harcourts Foundation formalises this support by helping to grow and enrich the communities in which we operate.


Harcourts statistics
Claims can be made, but the facts speak for themselves.

Harcourts International has 786 offices:

                      New Zealand: 183 offices

                      Australia: 415 offices

                      Indonesia: 15 offices

                      Fiji: 2 offices

                      Singapore: 2 offices

                      China: 13 offices

                      Zambia: 1 offices

                      South Africa: 132 offices

                      USA: 23 offices

Harcourts International has over 5,250 sales consultants:

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