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Advantages of a Sole Mandate

Advantages of a Sole Mandate

Security and Peace of mind!

You will deal with only one agent of your choice. Security risks are therefore reduced, giving you peace of mind.

Regular advertising!

It is usual to specify in a sole agency document a marketing and advertising plan spread over an extended period of time.

Professional fee to one agent only!

Your fee will be set at the time of signing the sole agency and you know that only one fee is payable.

Competition to give you the best price!

Your agent will have control of the buyers competing with one another, so that you get the best price.

Buyers are common to all agents!

The overwhelming majority of buyers come from a pool which the major estate agents have access to. Your agent will therefore have time to select the correct buyer and not over expose your property.

Total commitment from your Agent!

Secure in the knowledge that they are the only agency that you have appointed, Your agent will give total commitment to you.

You control the process!

You only have to communicate with one agent who will give you regular feedback. Therefore at all times you know what is happening with your sale.